An Intrinsic Love for the Automobile

The Car as an Art Form

W/F Classic Cars, LLC (the “Company”) was founded in 2008 to specialize in the acquisition, restoration, and sale of unique vehicles in the segment of the collector car hobby best described as “exotics and post war classics”.  The Company is licensed as a wholesale dealer, specializing in the vehicles you see of the sort listed on this site.

So much more is planned for the upcoming year.   This year, the Company expects to relocate its facility to a building in West Los Angeles, which will be dedicated to three distinct functions: showroom, customer storage, and clubhouse.  For the first time, the Company will be able to assemble its diverse collection under a single roof, with additional space available to allow friends and fellow enthusiasts to store their vehicles at this new location.  For a reasonable monthly fee, which includes detailing services, battery maintenance, and state-of-the-art security, collectors will be invited to share space with the Company.   Finally, and most important, the Company is offering a limited number of memberships in the “Clubhouse.”  We have planned an automotive-themed environment where “gear heads” can enjoy one another’s company over a glass of wine and a cigar.


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