Exterior: Black

Interior:   Red

The original owner of this 1932 Model 18 Hotrod Roadster collected stock parts for 40 years, some of which found their way into this hotrod. In 2001, he fully restored this car and, in 2007, this vehicle was one of the top cars at the “75th Anniversary of the 1932 Ford” held in Dearborn, Michigan, in addition to winning four top awards at the Portland Roadster Show. In 2011, the next owner, Sid Ferris, had the engine rebuilt by H & H Flatheads.

Ferris did other restoration work for this car which included: All four fenders, running boards, steering wheel, lights, chrome front end with dropped axle and Lincoln hydraulic brakes, steering box ratio, rear end, and the 4:11 gear ratio replaced with 3:56’s and totally rebuilt. Additionally, some of the car’s details are: A special cooling system, World War II original gas rationing sticker, clock rear view mirror, twenty-five louver hood, and all electrical systems working through the original 6-volt system.