Exterior: Stratas

Interior: Creme

Engine: V8


The BMW Z8 roadster (2000-2003) was originally designed as a nod to the BMW 507 of the late 1950s (56’ through ’59 to be exact). The prototype was featured in the 1999 Bond film, “The World is Not Enough.” With a lightweight, corrosion-resistant, all-aluminum chassis and a 4.9 liter, 32-valve V8 engine (located behind the front axle to provide equal weight distribution), BMW touted it could go 0 to 62 mph in 4.7 seconds. However, Motor Trends’ tests resulted in 4.2 seconds.

The Z8’s top speed is 155.4 mph and has neon exterior lighting that is supposed to last for the entire lifetime of the car. It comes with a metal hard top with a rear defroster built-in.

All elements of the Z8 were constructed or finished by hand. Even though the production of the Z8 was quite limited, BMW promised that a 50-year stockpile of spare parts would be available to Z8 owners for repairs.

According to various sources, since its $128K starting price, the Z8 has not depreciated as with other BMW vehicles, but has gained in value with many listing for over $200K: One selling at Bonham’s for $329K. When you combine beauty that harkens back to the retro BMW models, cutting edge technology for its manufacturing time, 6-speed manual transmission, V8 engine, and add in the rarity factor (BMW only manufactured 5,703 Z8 models for the entire world, and sent approximately 2,500 to the U.S.), this upward appreciation isn’t so shocking and it’s quite apparent this skyrocketing in value will continue for quite some time.



Guard installation beneath the front bumper to minimize potential undercarriage damage

Clear bra installation

Paint protection film put on bumper and rear

Reservoir covers replacement



Engine control software update

Power steering pulley repair/installation

SBC system programmed and module update

New alternator and modified control cooling system unit

Brake repair



Bluetooth adaptor installation



Tel Aid line replacement

Rear wheel upgrade

Wheel Alignment

Rear axle repair

New brake calipers and wheel carrier replacement



2-year service

Fuel filter and engine poly V drive belt replacement

Spark plug replacement

Compressor belt replacement



2-year service

Tires / sensors replacement

Trunk spare tire inflator replacement


2-year service

Injection pressure sensor replacement

Battery (2) replacement

A/C blower regulator and sensor replacement



Rear control unit replacement



Routine service

Tire monitoring sensors and tire valve stems replacement (all 4)

Engine belt replacement

Compressor belt replacement

Fuel EVAP line replacement