Exterior: Black with Racing Stripe

Interior:  Grey

Engine:     4-liter, 4 cam

The Porsche 911 GT3 is a sports car created and intended for racing.  Beginning in 1973 with the first 911 Carrera RS, the GT3 was introduced in 1999 and designed to compete in the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) Group GT3 class.  Since that time, different variations have been designed for both road and track with approximately 14,000 being manufactured for purchase.  

However, the GT3 RS 4.0 was the last 911 based on the original 996/997 platform.  Its powerful, 4-liter, four-cam engine produces 500 bhp at 8,250 rpm with: higher-flow air filters within carbon-fiber housings, less-restrictive catalytic converter, variable valve timing, and a two-stage variable induction system.  By using carbon-fiber front fenders and trunk lid, titanium connecting rods, and less heavy interior trim, Porsche lightened the GT3 RS by 22 lbs. Furthermore, to control traction and adjust suspension, Porsche added various electromechanical systems that could instantaneously get the job done.  Another feature of the GT3 RS 4.0 is its track-proven, PCCB carbon-ceramic brakes with power assist. Only 600 examples of the GT3 RS 4.0 were manufactured, making them rare to acquire since many went to private collectors. This one is 216 of those 600 and a plaque in the car verifies this information.